One True Love (2008 – Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera and Iza Calzado)


Plot / Synopsis:

A story about a wife's struggle for his husband and his true love. The story begins when Joy(Marian Rivera)and Migs/Miguel(Digndong Dantes)are at their tree where their love began. Migs then asks Joy to marry him. After their wedding Migs goes out to buy Joy some flowers. When he returns the wheel of his motorbike stumbles on a rock causing Migs to hit his head on a large rock. When he recovers, instead of recognizing his wife Joy he only remembers Bella(Iza Calzado) his ex-girlfriend.Migs had only remembered memories with Bella not Joy.After Migs is out of hospital Joy then tries to make him remember his memories with her. Unknown to Joy, Migs has been calling and texting Bella. When she finds out about this Joy forbids Migs to go out of the house. On Migs birthday Migs walks out and goes to Bella's house and comes back in the morning. Joy and Migs fight ending up with him leaving again, while Migs is gone Joy starts packing, planning to leave. While she is packing she finds out that she is pregnant and then stays. When Migs returns he leaves Joy leaving Joy alone. Joy begs Bella to give back Migs but she said that she wants to bring back what they had.During Migs partnership with Bella he then starts to remember bad times with Bella. Can Migs's heart remember what his mind forgot?
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